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Lakeview Cottage
Nestled in the Woods

Maximum occupancy: 7

$1995/wkly, $200 security deposit

Edgewood sits independently high above the other cottages. 3 bedrooms (bunk beds and a single bed, double bed, and queen bed). A combined kitchen and living space opens to two screened porches.

Special Features

Edgewood cottage features a private driveway for easy entrance, a ramp and wide interior doors that allow for wheelchair access, and a “back yard” of Adirondack forest. Edgewood also includes two screened porches. One porch has a small table, a sofa, and a comfortable chair. A second spacious side porch is a perfect gathering place for friends or family vacationing together, or a quiet place to nap to the sounds of the breeze in the pine forest. The big porch has 2 single beds; some of our guests like to sleep in the open air with a roof over their heads! 


SunderLand Guest Resources

Thank you for considering joining us for your family vacation this summer. We look forward to seeing you!

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